What’s MAD ?2022-08-05T09:25:40+00:00

The MAD – Marvilla Art District project has a long-term vocation, intending to be a cultural platform created with the purpose of breaking stereotypes of museums, cultural centres, or traditional galleries (white cube), focusing on contemporary art.
Created by young artists, and in particular to promote art and artists, providing an exhibition, work, and social space for local and international artists. RE Capital makes this gallery available to anyone who wants to participate in this new Art Movement.

Where’s MAD ?2022-02-16T10:20:17+00:00

MAD address is Rua Fernando Palha 1, 1950-131 Lisbon, Portugal.

Do you need to pay to visit MAD ?2022-02-16T10:19:48+00:00

You don’t have to pay any entrance to visit MAD.

Can I photograph works at MAD ehxibitions ?2022-02-16T10:19:37+00:00

Yes you can, we just ask you to please mention MAD and give credits to the artist when you share it on social networks.

Can I photograph and shoot video at MAD for comercial purposes?2022-02-16T10:19:26+00:00

For that purposes you should contact us at info@madmarvila.pt

Can I have a Atelier at MAD?2022-02-16T10:19:13+00:00

Applications are open all year at this place (link area do site)
Or send us an email to newartist@madmarvila.pt

How do the artists that have studios at MAD are chosen?2022-02-16T10:19:01+00:00

After receiving your application, MAD team and art advisors review it and give it an evaluation. Then depending on the spaces available artists are contacted.

For how long can I have a studio at MAD?2022-02-16T10:18:48+00:00

The artist studio availability its an agreement made in between MAD and that artist individulay, the minimum period is 1 month.

May I do events at MAD?2022-02-16T10:17:53+00:00

We are open for all events if they are according to our philosophy, please explain us your idea for an event to this email – events@madmarvila.pt and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

MAD schedule?2022-07-26T15:57:55+00:00

Monday to Saturday from 14h-19h

Is MAD pet friendly?2022-02-16T10:18:20+00:00

Yes, we welcome all animals.

Can I do an exhibition at MAD ?2022-02-16T10:15:53+00:00

We are open to welcome exhibitions, please submit your ideas …
Try to be as clear as possible, ex: Dates, duration, conditions needed…

How can I receive info on exhibitions and events at MAD?2022-02-16T10:22:25+00:00

Please subscribe to our newsletter at madmarvila.pt and follow us on social media.

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