Artist Portfolio

Delphine de Lorme

1967 - Paris, France

Born in Paris in 1967, Delphine de Lorme is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. She studied dance, theater then started her carrer in Paris in the media industy.

Her first art exhibition was held in 2004 at place des Vosges, Paris.

In 2006, she made a life-changing decision to move to Cebu, in the Philippines, attracted by the idea to live far away on an exotic island . She exhibited in prestigious galleries in Manila, Singapore, in the Hongkong art fair. Opening her art studio creating furnitures pushed her toward blurring the distinctions between art and decoration, and she became an interior designer.

In 2013 during a trip, she found herself captivated by the artistic richness of Myanmar, she made Yangon her new home. Her artistic vision lead her to a new playground; Fashion! She co-founded a brand of fashion accessories that showcase the beauty and diversity of Myanmar's cultural heritage. YANGOODS operates now 12 stores across the country and expended internationally.

Always concerned with environmental problems, In 2018, she set up a team of volunteers and Burmese artists to create the collective “YangonWalls” a social and philanthropic street art project that rehabilitated the rubbish streets of Yangon into an open-air gallery.

This project successfully transformed the downtown neighborhood décor as well as the communities spirit. For the first time in their lives, local children had a safe space to play and were able to experiment art. Street art didn’t exist in Burma and no one has ever dared to paint on the walls. Her motto: Art changes people and people change the world!

Delphine de Lorme