Artist Portfolio

Alina de Oliveira


Alina de Oliveira’s works deeply focus in show the beauty and ephemerality of ordinary objects, buildings, and daily life activities.

Born in Portugal, remembers everything she did and where as graphic references. Colours, patterns and compositions. That is how she always retained the world and life. Family and circumstances lead her to a degree and career in engineering which resulted in working on the textile industry. The tendencies for collars and patterns along side the textile industry promoted a post graduation degree on fashion design- textile branch at UBI as a result of her constant interest for graphics of textile and image. The will to find answers for her need to express herself resulted in her attending a higher education course in multimedia design, also at UBI, where she discovered that the art of photography fully responded to her need to express and communicate herself. Then 2021 follows several courses at the Portuguese Institute of Photography in 2013 which would later be completed with courses at London School Of Photography in the year 2015. It is after her stay in London that the first photography professional jobs appear, almost all of them with opportunities to photograph in Africa. Now in Lisbon, she enters the atelier for a course “project of photography” in the sense to better the abilities of management and promotion of project in the area, and to complement the academic path, she enrolls in the NYIP – New York Institute of Photography to attend the course “Professional Photography”, complementing the course “Photography: History and the Market” from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2021.